Published September 20, 2022

Did you know that Big Lake Youth Camp was voted the #1 overnight youth camp in the state of Oregon by Northwest Kids Magazine? But Big Lake is more than just a beautiful camp up in the mountains. It is an empowering culture where young people hear that they are worthy of God's love and find belonging. Kids from all ages are able to adventure, explore, and develop new skills. This week the Oregon Conference is announcing a fundraiser.

It is a place where Pacific Crest Trail hikers visit and also claim that it is the best stop on the entire trail. Why? Because they are loved, welcomed, and treated to food, laundry service, and showers. In a given summer, over a thousand hikers are served at Big Lake.

During the winter months, when a snowmobiler or four-wheel-drive truck gets stuck in the snow, the first call of Search and Rescue is to Big Lake. Why? Because, the staff at camp will bundle up, and head out to shovel, tow, or transport those in need. This is what it means to be Christian, and as Adventists we believe in helping our neighbors whatever they might look like. Big Lake Youth Camp has the vision that everyone who visits will "experience a love so compelling that they will spend the rest of their life pursuing its source."

Big Lake is indeed a treasure in the Oregon Conference, and in order for this ministry to continue to make a life-changing impact in our community, I would encourage each of you to keep it in your prayers and to support it financially.

Your offering today will help Big Lake continue to be the preeminent youth camp in
Oregon. Thank you for being generous – for our kids

You can learn more about the camp or donate directly using the link below or indicate on your check, tithe envelope, or online donation to Oasis that the money is for Big Lake Youth Camp.

If you know of kids ages 7-17 who might enjoy a week at Big Lake Youth Camp, please share this information with them or their parents. If finances are a barrier to participation, ask about sponsorships.


1207 E Reserve St
Vancouver, WA 98661-4126

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10:00am: Discussion Groups

11:15am: Worship Service


6:00pm: Home-cooked Meal

7:00pm: Prayer & Study Connection

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