Who We Are

Oasis Beginnings...
In 1996 Oasis was formed as a fun, non-stress, no dress-up place. When it was launched, Oasis wasn't a church; it had no worship service, no building and didn't pass an offering plate. A lot of energy was spent building creative Saturday night "events" for people who wanted to do Outreach Ministry that was beyond their own churches. Events consisted of drama, Christian contemporary music, and talks on subjects that we all deal with. Oasis developed the motto: Oasis is a place for people who have given up on church but not on God. After about three years, the Oasis leadership realized that we needed worship to grow closer to Jesus through study and fellowship among the regular attenders. Children's classes were developed and adult study time scheduled on Saturday mornings. We added worship on Saturday mornings for regular attenders and continued events on Saturday nights to reach out to others.

Oasis Now...
Some things have changed as Christ, through His Holy Spirit, has moved in various ways over the years to grow Oasis closer and more dependent upon Jesus and bring us closer to His Father. Oasis is people who create an open environment where questions and exploration are encouraged. We encourage members to think, explore, and discover the life improving message from Jesus. We seek to provide an environment where worship is authentic, where people are empowered, where lives are secured for eternity, and where Jesus meets with us. Oasis is about connecting with Jesus and with each other.
Oasis now exists to share the awesome life-fulfilling message that Jesus Christ came into the world to demonstrate through His life, death and resurrection. We at Oasis like to express it in this way:

Oasis seeks to:

  • Grow with God.
  • Share with Others.
  • Celebrate God's successes.

  • In other words, members of Oasis make a personal commitment to pursue that life-fulfilling relationship with Jesus through personal and group Bible study, prayer, worship, and application of the principles in our lives. In turn we share this message in practical ways through serving others and sharing His love through His Word. As God takes hold in our lives and the lives of others we celebrate the awesome work of God's creative power that renews us.
    The result is so good it is worth sharing with the whole world! (Matthew 28:18-20)

    Oasis is accepting...
    Oasis welcomes you the way you are - whenever you visit as our guest, we will not ask you to stand and introduce yourself (or any other embarrassing activity). We won't pressure you to sign anything, though we want to meet you. Whoever you are, we want Oasis to be a fun and safe place to grow a deep, authentic, relationship with God.

    Oasis Christian Center - A Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship
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