A Well of Living Water - September 3rd

John 4:7-26 There is a well that is available to everyone. This well is the source of the very best water- living water! This water quenches the thirst of the driest of souls. This water brings life in the heart of the dry desert. This water brings rebirth to the dead. The invitation at the end of this series is to drink deeply of the living water. Shalom!
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Pastor Rick  27 Aug 2016

Oasis Camping Weekend September 9-11, 2016  

  From Pastor Rick:   The Oasis Campout has always been one of my very favorite Oasis activities of the year. I am amazed at how God has shown up to deepen friendships, make new ones, and most of all to meet with God in His grand cathedral, nature. Even on those occasions when rain has dampened the ground we have had warm sharing.   I challenge each of you to make...continued
09 Aug 2016

Our Next Series- WELL-WELL-WELL

In ancient times water was an essential, a necessity for life to the inhabitants of the Middle-East. Without a source of water the land was of little value. People, cattle, crops all need water. Even to this day it is considered a sin or at least the height of poor hospitality to withhold water from a traveler. To own land with a sweet source of water was power and...continued
Pastor Rick  30 Jul 2016

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