June 24 Oasis People Seek To: Celebrate God’s Successes

Luke 15:1-31 Come and see what the Lord has done! God loves a good celebration. So isn’t it wonderful to take inventory and explore the stuff of life that is bigger than us? Yes, it is! As we contemplate how God has led us this far we may actually gain a greater sense of where he is leading us into the future. Challenges likely await us but when we...continued
Pastor Rick  23 Jun 2017

Oasis Worship in the Park

Lewisville Park July 15th at 11AM Knotty Pine Shelter Please bring a lawn chair and picnic food to share!
For more information contact
Pastor Rick New  23 Jun 2017

New Series: Oasis: Making God Famous in Vancouver!

There is no question in my mind that Oasis is a blessed gathering of wonderful people assembled by God. We have a wonderful heritage built on the vision and faith of inspired founders. The idea that coalesced this group was a motto: “A Place for those who have given up on Church but not on God!” In essence the name Oasis was another expression of this motto. It...continued
Pastor Rick  05 Jun 2017

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, June 24
    • 11:00am Oasis People Seek To: Celebrate God’s Successes Pastor Rick

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