Radical Part 3 The Essence of Christian Community

Matthew 28:16-20 Imagine a vibrant community that captured the hearts and minds of people that compelled them to join the movement! Jesus was a radical challenge to the status quo in his ministry. What makes it any different today? Let’s dream together about what God would have Oasis...continued
Pastor Rick  18 Feb 2017

Current Series-Radical

Let’s face it friends, the greatest challenge we are facing today is the temptation to settle, to blend in, to be lukewarm. What is at stake? It is only the relevance of the church. After all, why does Oasis even exist if it is not to make a positive difference in the lives of our members and our...continued
Pastor Rick  08 Feb 2017


Greetings All, We have experienced a tremendous response to our Prayer Triad Project that kicked off on January 21st. We have 39 people enrolled which translates to 13 Prayer Triads. These Oasians have made a commitment to pray in groups of three for 10 times, over a period of 100 days, and 100...continued
23 Jan 2017

Call to Prayer

This coming Sabbath we will be exploring prayer, its purpose, methods, and its power. We will call for people to form up "Prayer Triads" in order to strengthen the community of prayer at Oasis. What is a “Prayer Triad?” A prayer triad is a group of three people who have made a covenant to...continued
19 Jan 2017

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, March 04
    • 11:00am Adventurer Sabbath at Oasis
    • 11:00am Radical Part 4 Is it Enough Yet—Will it Ever Be?

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