Community Outreach at JANUS

Come join us as we provide lawn work, plants and generally upgrade & uplift the JANUS Youth center in Vancouver. We will be working from 10 AM to 4 PM. Bring work gloves, gardening tools & equipment. We will be cleaning the yard & garden areas, planting shrubs & flowers & letting these high risk foster kids know that Jesus & Oasis cares about them. We are also helping with providing some much needed furniture for their day room & are...continued
23 May 2017

Praise and Worship: The Radical Memorial

Matthew 9:35-38 Your worldview is an essential element that will affect your life purpose and actions. As followers of Jesus we are called to make a difference as Jesus makes a difference in us. As Jesus’ mission in the world was so radical it turned the world upside down. The memorial of His sacrifice for all of humanity lives on today and into eternity. You and I are a living memorial to Jesus’ achievement, called to make a...continued
Pastor Rick  20 May 2017

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, May 27
    • 11:00am Praise and Worship: The Radical Memorial Pastor Rick
  • Sunday, June 04
    • 09:30am Adventurers Family Fun Day
    • 10:00am Community Outreach at JANUS

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