That’s The Point

Philippians 1:3-11 There come times in our lives when we get the point and it is life transforming in a positive way. Sometimes those points come with pain, sometimes through joy but always under the guidance of God. I mean who likes a life that is pointless? Let’s share together about those points that we have experienced and those that are yet to come.
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Pastor Rick  17 Aug 2017

Share the News! Oasis Is On the Move!

STARTING SABBATH, AUGUST 5th, OASIS WILL HAVE A NEW PLACE TO CALL HOME! We will be sharing ministry with the Vancouver Vineyard Church on 1207 E. Reserve St. This is a very exciting move as all in the building search process have seen God's powerful leading toward this ministry area! Now Oasis will have a presence in the downtown area of Vancouver! Spread the word to your friends and family! We want everyone to come and celebrate with...continued
Pastor Rick  25 Jul 2017

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