Imperfectly Complete

How can good outcomes proceed from what sometimes seems to be an imperfect or even corrupted system? I know that it can become pretty discouraging at times but my default position ultimately goes to the same placeā€”But God! When the world seems most out of control, our life seems most out of control, God is still in control and has a plan. Only God can make the imperfect complete.
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Pastor Rick  27 Oct 2016

Priceless Treasures

A few treasured teachings that reflect the power and wisdom of our loving God will be our focus in the next few weeks: to explore what we believe and why we believe it is essential to our faith. Many times in my faith journey I have been asked a question that sent me to the scriptures to grapple with the answer. The result has been either; my belief was reinforced, my belief was deepened, or my belief was replaced with a better one. But as Jesus...continued
Pastor Rick  27 Oct 2016

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