When using the calendars the following tips should be kept in mind:

  • Days with no events are normal text - 19
  • Days with events are hyper-linked text - 12
  • Today is highlighed - 25
  • The selected day is highlighted - 10
  • Hover over any day with an event to see a list of event titles
  • Click on today's date at the top of the calendar to return to today at any time
  • Click on any day with an event to see all the events on that day
  • Click on the name of the month to see all the events in that month
  • Click on the "<" and the ">" to move to the previous and next months

Events & News

Simple Events & News

If you want events & announcements intended for the bulletin to also be placed on the web site then e-mail them to . Sending to this email address causes a copy of the announcement to be sent to the bulletin editor and the web team. Please indicate if the contact information can be placed on the web site. Announcements will not be placed on the web site unless specifically requested. Simple events will be placed in the web site database as soon as possible then will automatically appear on the home page 4 weeks before the event. They are automatically removed once the event is past. (They can still be found and viewed on the Calendar Page before and after the event.)

Complex Events & News

If you have events that require special pages, graphics, text and art work please send an email with text, attached graphics and instructions to . Complex Events & Announcments can take considerably longer to create, so please plan ahead. You should include the following:

  • Event Title
  • Full Event Text (please note if it is okay for the web team to edit the text or if you want it published as-is)
  • Event Date including Start and Stop times
  • Contact information (and what contact info can be placed on the web site)
  • Date the event should appear on the home page (if not specified it will be 4 weeks before the event)
  • Date the event should be automatically removed from the home page (if not specified will be after the event)
  • Page layout if a special web page is requested
  • Graphics and/or photos for the web page

Web Site Problems

If you find problems with this web site, notice mistakes or spelling errors, or simply have suggestions please send an email to the . Include as much detail about the problem or suggestion as you can. If the pages don't look correct or there is text, boxes, and sections that are not aligned or spilling into another section please check your browser compatability before sending an email.

So, you want to help...

Great! We are continually looking for additional (and better) photos, graphics, design, and layout ideas. Whether you want to share your graphics skills, layout designs, create color schemes or add photos of Oasis events to our photo database or if you want to provide content such as stories, testimonials, etc... we would love to hear from you. Please send email about any and all ideas you have to make the site better to the .

Thank you,
Oasis Web Team

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